"My siblings and I were faced with the daunting task of emptying our mom's home to get ready for sale as she was downsizing and moving into a smaller apartment. We called Anne of Organized Solutions and she was able to alleviate the stress of this piece of the project by organizing all the items left in our mom's house and letting us go through what we wanted, what could be donated and what needed to be trashed. We were so thankful for all her patience and help with a stressful and emotional situation."
Joan S.

"Organizing your space is a gateway into organizing your mind, your heart, your life! That's been my experience working with Anne Phillips of Organized Solutions. Anne and I have worked on multiple levels--from de-cluttering my office and creating a paper flow management system to downsizing and moving my five bedroom home. Anne collaborates with you to design a plan and an approach that is informed by your needs and her supportive expertise. Thanks Anne for all I have learned in the process."

Jen A.

"My husband and I were interested in converting a small room in our house into a walk-in closet and dressing room for my use. Anne helped us to assess what I needed, find a dependable company to design a closet that fit all my needs and then help me organize it. Now I can go in and start my day in my beautiful closet where I can find everything!"

Pat D.

"Thanks to Anne, I can now entertain in my living room at a moment's notice!"

Steve W.